Eric Jacobson, Venture Partner & CFO

Eric currently focuses on RSVP’s investments in the craft spirits category. In this role, he manages the coalition of investors behind Mahalo Spirits Group, RSVP’s partner in craft spirits, including two of Mahalo’s principal brands– Papa’s Pilar Rum and Suerte Tequila. Eric’s duties include financially managing craft spirits brands and capitalizing them by structuring financing rounds with co-investors.

Previously, Eric worked on RSVP’s investments in information technology. During his four years in this role, he served as an entrepreneur-in-residence for RSVP and as President and Chief Financial Officer of Amplifinity.

Eric also serves at Chief Financial Officer for RSVP Ventures.

Eric has served as the chief financial executive and managed operations at several venture-backed startups, including Translume, Janeeva, Discera, JustTalk and Picometrix.  Previously, Eric managed finance and accounting for Comcast’s high speed internet business when that business unit was in its infancy. 

Eric is a graduate of Syracuse University and earned an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.