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ABC has successfully designed a bipolar, lead-acid battery and developed and implemented a commercially viable manufacturing process.

The theory behind bipolar batteries has existed for almost a century. First developed by Nobel laureate Pyotr Kapitsa in 1924, bipolar designs differ from traditional prismatic designs by replacing heavy metal grids connected by a top-level, cast-on-strap with a conductive plate having positive material on one side and negative material on the other side.

The advantages of bipolar batteries have long been known:

  • Uniform current density
  • Increased active material utilization
  • Higher energy density
  • Higher power density
  • Simpler construction

However, practical concerns around the actual battery design and manufacture have prevented anyone from developing a commercially viable bipolar battery–until now.

Over the past five years, through the development of a number of new manufacturing technologies and an innovative battery design, Advanced Battery Concepts has successfully solved those problems and produced both a bipolar battery ready for large-scale production and the manufacturing processes to go with it.

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